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120% in 7 Hours
Min/Max Deposit: $1.00 - $1000.00
Deposit included in payments
Instant payments
No withdrawal fee
Investment plan


150% in 7 Hours
Min/Max Deposit: $1001.00 - $5000.00
Deposit included in payments
Instant payments
No withdrawal fee
Investment plan


200% in 7 Hours
Min/Max Deposit: $5001.00 - $250000.00
Deposit included in payments
Instant payments
No withdrawal fee

3-level referral program

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Level 3

Last Deposit

Oct-2-2022 10:00:19 AM
glasi60    $179516.00   
Oct-1-2022 03:35:18 PM
glasi60    $89758.00   
Oct-1-2022 08:32:40 AM
glasi60    $44880.00   
Oct-1-2022 04:09:27 AM
Goopvc    $10.00   
Sep-30-2022 07:34:20 PM
glasi60    $22440.00   
Sep-30-2022 12:32:11 PM
glasi60    $11221.02   
Sep-30-2022 05:23:11 AM
glasi60    $5610.51   
Sep-29-2022 05:47:05 PM
glasi60    $3740.34   

Last Withdraw

Aug-20-2022 11:19:09 AM
Alimirzalou    $5.52   
Aug-19-2022 05:35:59 PM
Bamza    $1.20   
Aug-19-2022 12:37:12 AM
khurshide116    $1.20   
Aug-18-2022 04:13:47 PM
Adebayo    $1.00   
Aug-18-2022 02:55:01 PM
FAME19    $3.14   
Aug-18-2022 02:33:40 PM
FAME19    $1.00   
Aug-18-2022 07:10:54 AM
mozatgh    $1.20   
Aug-17-2022 10:35:16 PM
Itspanduu    $1.20   


Our competitive advantages include our experienced team of investment professionals, a global platform and a unifying investment philosophy that is complemented by a set of core business principles.

Our experience investing in a variety of capital structures has allowed us to develop a diversified set of global investment strategies in credit. When investing in this asset class, we follow an opportunistic, value-oriented, and risk-controlled approach.

Our credit strategies invest in both liquid and illiquid instruments, sourced directly from borrowers and via public markets. We focus primarily on rated and non-rated debt of sub-investment grade issuers in developed and emerging markets, and we invest in an array of high yield bonds, convertible securities, leveraged loans, structured credit instruments, distressed debt and private debt.


Steady Income

Our diversified set of global investment credit strategies allows investors to receive a guaranteed passive income every day

Instant Payouts

On our investment platform after your withdrawal request, the money will be instantly credited to your wallet

24/7 Support

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you sort out any difficulties

Affiliate Program

Our three-level affiliate program allows you to earn money by attracting new investors without having to make a deposit yourself

Guaranteed Protection

We provide our users with the highest level of protection against all types of hacker attacks, and use encryption of personal data and two-factor authentication system

Adaptive and User-Friendly Interface

Our specialists have developed an adaptive and intuitive interface so that our users can log in to their account from any device

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Frequently Asked Question is an investment platform of Services Limited, which provides an opportunity to earn money on credit investments

In order to join our investment project, you just need to follow the "registration link" and fill out the registration form Services Limited is an officially registered company in the UK, details about the company can be seen at this link - #44587453

If you still have questions, you can write to our support team, which is available 24/7

If you have forgotten your account password, you can use the password recovery form, the password will be sent to your email address

For security reasons you cannot change your wallet number and email yourself, so please contact support

To protect your account, we recommend that you set up two-factor authentication, and for security purposes you cannot change your payment wallet number and your email

You can not have more than one account, if the system detects this violation, your account will be blocked

Minimum deposit amount - $1.00

Maximum deposit amount - $250000.00

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payment system, for ePayCore, Perfect Money it is $1, for Doge, Tron, Ripple, Stellar, Dash - $1, for Btc, Ltc, Eth, BNB, USDT - $1

Maximum withdrawal amount is not limited

Yes, you can reinvest the proceeds into our project

No, the principal amount of the deposit is included in the payout

The following payment systems are currently available for investment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Perfect Money, ePayCore, Ripple, Binance coin, Stellar, Tron, USDT.

In the future the number of payment systems will be increased

All payments on our website are made automatically and instantly

We have a three-tier affiliate program, Level 1 - 10%, Level 2 - 10%, Level 3 - 10%.

You can earn money by attracting new investors to our project, and you do not need to make a deposit yourself

Your affiliate link is in your account, in the Referral link tab

You can see the nickname of the person who invited you in your account, in the tab Your Referral