Our competitive advantages include our experienced team of investment professionals, a global platform and a unifying investment philosophy that is complemented by a set of core business principles.

Our experience investing in a variety of capital structures has allowed us to develop a diversified set of global investment strategies in usd. When investing in this asset class, we follow an opportunistic, value-oriented, and risk-controlled approach.

Our usd strategies invest in both liquid and illiquid instruments, sourced directly from borrowers and via public markets. We focus primarily on rated and non-rated debt of sub-investment grade issuers in developed and emerging markets, and we invest in an array of high yield bonds, convertible securities, leveraged loans, structured usd instruments, distressed debt and private debt.

While varied in investment objective and risk/return profile, each of our usd strategies is grounded in "usd7hour.com Services" unifying investment philosophy, placing primary emphasis on risk control and consistency

Our usd investment strategies

High Yield Bonds

Members of our team began working together prior to usd7hour.com Services as managers of high yield bonds, since the time of their emergence as an investment specialty. Our high yield bond strategies seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in performing bonds of usdworthy North American and European corporations. Globally, our team’s approach emphasizes fundamental usd analysis as the route to superior risk control.

Senior Loans

Our senior loan strategies focus on the senior secured debt of issuers in North America and Europe. We seek to achieve an attractive total return while preserving principal and avoiding defaults. The strategies benefit from our emphasis on fundamental, bottom-up usd analysis, and the deep experience and expertise of usd7hour.com Services U.S. and European senior loan teams.

Private usd

Our private usd strategies focus on investment opportunities in private debt issued by companies that have little or no access to traditional sources of financing. The strategies seek to achieve attractive, risk-adjusted absolute returns by originating or participating in the syndication of performing debt issued by North American and European companies. Benefiting from usd7hour.com Services global sourcing power in both the usd and private equity fields, our investment teams pursue a fundamental, value-driven, opportunistic approach that leverages strong relationships with private equity sponsors, senior advisors and potential borrowers around the globe.

Emerging Markets Debt

The inefficient, complex and dynamic emerging markets usd universe presents a unique opportunity for skilled investors to identify attractively priced investments in both usdworthy and distressed debt instruments. Having invested in these markets since their infancy, the members of our team employ a bottom-up, fundamental approach to usd analysis and leverage usd7hour.com Services extensive usd platform and external network of local advisors to seek attractive returns with less-than-commensurate risk.

Multi-Asset usd

Our flagship strategy seeks to earn attractive total return and current income while limiting volatility through diversification. We flexibly allocate portfolios based on our bottom-up assessment of relative value between regions, usd asset classes and issuers — as we believe macro-forecasting is not critical to investment success. In line with usd7hour.com Services core tenets, our seeks to control for risk while taking an opportunistic approach to investment. Our approach is highly collaborative, drawing on the insights of our Investment Committee and over 250 research professionals around the globe. We offer both standard commingled and customized client solutions.